The Tatts are back!

The wise amongst us have always said ”never say never” so with the spirit of that in mind..’here we go again!’.
I’m very excited to be going out again as Rose Tattoo to tour with the Angels, the mighty Mi Sex and The Hitmen. Just like the ‘Good ole Days! ..this tour will go off like a frog in a sock, 100% adrenalin fueled Aussie rock ‘n’ fucking roll, played in the traditional Aussie way with passion and total commitment to the moment.

As there is no permanent Rose Tattoo line up at the moment, until Demarco gets out, I have assembled the finest bunch of rogues, worthy to wear the colours, to accompany me into the fray.
Dai Pritchard on slide off course, in my eyes he has no equal.
Second guitar is Bob Spencer, a monster of a player, one of the greatest players I have ever seen and has been a close friend, brother and ally for the past forty years.
Mark Evans on bass, his pedigree is enshrined in Aussie rock history.
Keeping the seat warm for Demarco is the legendary drummer John ‘Watto’ Watson, another monster of a player, together the boys and I will continue Rose Tattoo’s legacy.
You the loyall supporters and you the newly found friends deserve nothing but the best and that’s just what you will get!..Be there or be square!..Ango

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